C7 Corvette Cupholder Flexible Divider

Step 1

Insert cupholder divider directly in the same place that your OEM divider was. Notice that your lid still opens and closes smoothly.

Step 2

You can add your phone, wallet, keys, or anything else you want in the middle!

Step 3

Add the beverages of your choice on either end. This design will hold things as small as water bottles and soda cans, to as large as gatorades and 30 OZ tumblers!

About us...

Shay Trask, founder, owned a C7 Z06 Corvette for 3 years and 26k miles. However, he always had the same problem - with great power came great responsibility, andddddd flying water bottles! So after many experiences of them flying all over the place, including under his brake pedal, he knew there had to be a better way to hold drinks. He also wanted a spot to easily put his phone, wallet, or key and knew there was an opportunity to help all C7 owners gain a little storage and a lot of safety! Shay is now in charge of sales and marketing and is here for any of your questions or concerns along the way!

So then came Connor Mihm, engineer and co-founder. Connor works on automotive parts all across the country for some very big brands (Elon won't let him disclose who) haha... but he is a great product designer and engineer, so he partnered with Shay to bring this idea to reality and make it the best possible part it can be! He is also our product manufacturer and has the big task of making sure every part is made up to our standards and placed with care and love into a strong cardboard box before shipping to your door.

After over a year of designing, testing, redisigning, retesting, and repeat, repeat, repeat, Shay and Connor feel they have come up with the best possible design they could for these cupholder dividers! Over 28 prototypes were printed and tested over and over again.

Shay - "This has been a labor of love and we are proud and excited for others to get to use our final product! We are just 2 guys from Iowa trying to help the Corvette world out! We are always looking to improve, so please feel free to reach out with any feedback! Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far and for all of those who have supported us by purchasing a cupholder divider! You are very appreciated!"

Thanks again for your support.

Shay and Connor

Raving fans of our product!

Huge improvement over the OEM divider!

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This thing is solid AF!!!

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Perfect solution!!!

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